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ecosophy, geopoetics, and the desire to know

forthcoming book chapter for new relationships with nature

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Traditional Knowledge of the Sea in a Time of Change: the Caiçara of Ilhabela, Brazil

article for Journal of
Cultural Geography
vol 38


Tradition in Contemporary Art


breaking the boundaries of “self”: representations of spatial indeterminacy

article for Architecture and Culture Vol 2

northern wetlands and socially engage environmental artists.jpg

northern wetlands and socially-engaged, environmental artists

book chapter for relate north #9

Creative Engagements with Ecology of Pla

co-author of
creative engagements with ecologies of place

Invisible Scotland.jpg

Editor of
invisible scotland: 

revealing a process of interdisciplinary discovery


guest editor of
open rivers e-journal: rivers and meaning


Editor of
decolonising place-based arts research


in praise of multiplicity:
pluralism and contemporary photographic art practices

article for 
Journal of Visual Art Practice Vol 12

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