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Project Announcement: The Rural Reimagined


The Ireland – Scotland bilateral network grants came about following the publication of the Scottish Irish Bilateral Review earlier this year, and with which the Royal Irish Academy and Royal Society of Edinburgh were involved. The theme for this year is: Revival, Resilience and Recovery: Cultural and Arts Sectors post Covid-19’.

The Rural Reimagined: Connecting Irish and Scottish Artists and Writers with Rural Practices and Narratives, with Dr Ciara Healy-Musson as PI (Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland); myself, Professor Mary Modeen, as CI; and Dr Iain Biggs, DJCAD Honorary Research Fellow, as Consultant, in the grant application to the Royal Irish Academy-Royal Society of Edinburgh’s call for applications. The 6-month project will include 2 practica, one in Ireland and the other in Scotland, and a moderated web-based forum, with the intention of leading to further collaborative projects.

The objective of this project is to enrich connections and establish new links between Irish and Scottish artists and writers, including selected members of four existing place-based research networks, whose creative practices focus on rurality.

Assisted by the Royal Irish Academy and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, this project will support new methodologies for engaging diverse publics in their rural heritage as a means of increasing environmental awareness. This will be achieved through discussion groups, web-based forum, and a practicum, leading to a future exhibition and publication. The project recognises a developing spectrum of interest across the arts in the complex value of rurality.

For more information about the project check out

If you are interested in joining us on our Scottish Practicum - 4 October 2021, please view the Eventbrite.


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